About Us

We are a few of the countless devotees of Guruji who have received his grace and blessing, and endeavor to share the same with everyone.

Our mission is simple and straight forward:
1. Expand Guruji's sangat family worldwide, by sharing:

  1. Satsangs, that is, the devotional experiences of the sangat;
  2. Photographs and and videos of Guruji; and
  3. Shabads which lead one to connected with Guruji.

2. Encourage the sangat to get connected with Guruji, receive his blessings and lead the path of righteousness.
Please contact us for:

  1. Sharing on this website any experiences, shabads, Guruji's photographs and videos;
  2. Volunteering for work related with administering the website;

Our contact email: [email protected]

The sangat, whose contributions are too numerous to acknowledge individually, is thanked for these photographs, videos, shabads, satsangs and other ideas. All of these have come to us by Guruji's grace. These are all means of Guruji's blessings and should be regarded as sacrosanct.

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